Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Bolivia

Bolivia is the name with thousand possibilities for the travelers and adventurers all over the world because of the demure scenarios all around. Bolivia started to gain international recognition since few years as an attractive tourist destination though it was undiscovered for many years. To quench the curiosity of the travelers the country has many options to offer in its store and for good reason they are all mesmerizing.

Tourist attractions in Bolivia can conquer many stunning mountains of the Earth, piranha fish territory on Amazon rainforest, the bygone era of colorful traditions and lovely inhabitants. So if you want to take the thrill, the drama, the energy and the charismatic charm then Bolivia could be your next travel destination. 

10 best places to visit in Bolivia

The reason you cannot resist the chance to visit the tourist attractions in Bolivia are the exotic culture, amiable inhabitants, and surprisingly cheap rates. We are going to introduce the 10 Must see places to visit while roaming in Bolivia.

La Paz

La Paz

If anyone makes the list of places to visit in Bolivia then the name La Paz should definitely on his top chart. The world’s highest capital city (administrative) is always ready to welcome its visitor from any corners of the world. You must spend at least two days to inhale the serendipity of this amazing place.

Alongside, La Paz offers myriad things to do and offers variety of delicious foods in affordable prices. The jumping pits will gives you the bird’s eye view of the mountains and the people. The surprising facts about La Paz is it is near the Equator and because of the height you can feel the freezing cold and snow fall for sometimes.

You will find plenty of upper class people and tourist guides who can speak English fluently thus your stay will become more smooth and comfortable. So grab your backpack and become ready to jump from La Paz.


When you will finishing the capital tour your next terrific and splendid destination should be Tupiza the land of awesome. The dazzling Canyons, windy rivers and green valley’s make this badland the badass of the western son. Riding on a guided horseback and exploring things will take to your dreamland.

The place is famous for the history of the western robber Butch Cassidy known as the reminiscent of the Wild West met his fateful end. The southern Bolivian town decorates itself with red rock formations and rugged deserts. Massive Mercado Negro and many small markets are the haven for the shopping lover’s and art collectors.

On this day, Cerro Corazón de Jesús and Cerro La Cruz are the picks where trials end with an optimistic view point of the Bolivian cultural insights of hill towns. The red formation of the rocks become more reddish during the sunset; best time for a walk on the hills.

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Have you heard about ‘The House of Money’? Yes it exists in Bolivia’s former economic center named Potosi during the Spanish Colonialism. The city was known as one of the biggest cities in the world which has a rich past because of the silver rich mountains (Cerro Rico). The city bears the horrendous working history of mining labors of that time.

In 1570 the Casa de la Moneda (“House of Money”) was built that has become a museum of local art, ethnography and mining machineries in present days. You can enjoy the artistry of the world famous Tomás Frías Autonomous University which is also situated here. You can enjoy a guided tour around the city and may collect some Money from ‘The House of Money’! Just kidding.

A fascinating insight of the historic city designated by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site in 1987 will enhance the enthusiasm of your visit and the restored old churches will embrace you with the blessings of the God.


To enjoy year round beautiful weather, government buildings, monasteries, parks and whitewashed churches you have to step on the official capital and colonial centerpiece of Bolivia. The place has the gist to impress the weariest traveler who is already bored with traveling. 

You will be amazed to see the 5055 well preserved dinosaur footprints and perfect ancient fossils in the Cretaceous Park. For expats and backpackers this place could be a must see place as it is one of the cheapest destinations in the world. Sucre produces huge amount of chocolates makes this place the chocolate haven for the sweet tooth’s.

Sucre is one of the most famous places in Bolivia is known for party and celebrations. Carnival, Halloween and Colors Festival are happening all over the year. That means delicious foods, music and enjoyment guarantee during the parties. Having a long walk with beloved and drinking coca beer could surpass any romantic idea here in Sucre.


Who doesn’t love a carnival parade? We believe you are not for sure because one of the biggest carnival parades of the continent is hosted by the Oruro. The exuberant marching bands along with ten thousands exquisite dressed dancers wave their body on an infectious rhythm. Mesmerizing isn’t it?

Besides, this is the alternative to Rio de Janerio’s carnival parade and it is refreshingly amazing as you can also take part without any hassle. Another fantastic things to do in Bolivia is to visit the Sajama National Park featuring hot springs, volcano, lagoons and the world’s highest forest for a relaxing wild experience.

One of the most fascinating parts of Bolivia tourism is visiting the 45.4m statue Monumento a la Virgen del Socavon or The Virgen candelaria statue with snowy white color. You can go to inside the monument to find the staircase which goes to the view-point in the head. So, let’s buckle up and go for it.

Madidi National Park

The incredible diversity of natural wonders makes the Madidi National Park world renowned. Madidi National Park is the place where over 1,200 unique species of birds can be discovered. The effervescent clamor of the birds can fill your heart with joy and can help you to fly in the sky of sweet imagination with the birds.

If you are a birder then you have the chance to witness the fourteen percent of the world’s known bird species in one place at a time. Among the famous places in Bolivia this will remind you the Words-worth ‘Ten thousand I saw at a glance’.

Apart from the bards Madidi is the home of countless other mammals, reptiles and rare insects. To observe the raw natural experience you may stay in eco-lodges, treks in the jungle and also animal safari to quench your wild thirst. The wonderful thing is that you can do all these things in a very affordable price.


For any history buff the Tiwanaku is the heaven of history, art and culture which is important for bearing the pre-Colombian sites in the Americas. An opulent number of mesmerizing gigantic stone building blocks, amazingly crafted sculptures and many rocky monuments are always ready to welcome you.

The Gate of the Sun or locally known as El Puerta del Sol is a mysterious place to discover just near the majestic Cordillera Real mountain range. All things will show you the management of Andean cultures what gears up the later Inca civilization and modern Tiwanaku.

Another significant must see place in Tiwanaku is Lake Titicaca just a few minutes from the main city. Don’t miss a plate of delicious fish fry to accelerate your muscles to explore the sun island, a boutique of the nature. There is a legend that the Sun and the Moon were born in this island and you may fell the essence of the legend believed by the locals.

Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia’s tourist attractions are incomplete without the world’s largest and highest salt flat also known as the mirror of the world; Salar de Uyuni. The place is majestic as the most extreme and remarkable vistas not only in Bolivia but also in South Africa. There was a pre-historic lake that evaporated and turned into a solid salt surface of 4050 square miles.

You can gaze at the quilted, polygonal patterns naturally created by the salt and the highest amount of lithium extraction to power up your gadgets. When the water overflows from the nearby lakes a stunning scenario came down on the ground because of the reflection of the sky.

Another fantastic thing is the ‘World’s First Salt Hotel’ which actually can accommodate people. Locals harvest the minerals for trade and the beautiful terrain serves the tourists with a healthy warm hug.

Alongside, there are hot springs and colorful lagoons to spend your time with a steamy gesture. Everyone must take a trip to Salar de Uyuni to enjoy the harsh beauty and majestic experiences.

La Cordillera Real

Numerous climbers from every corners of the world saddles up to conquer the dreamy snowy apex of this fabulous place. The La Cordillera Real an Andean mountain range with splendid gesture earned the name ‘Royal Range’ in English because its majestic definition. The region has opulent picks about 600 and many over 5000m high are a few hours away from the La Paz the heights administrative capital city in the world.

Maximum picks are accessible despite of the snow and few are very extreme. No matter how much climbing experience you have and which picks you choose for trail, the adventure of climbing in Bolivian Andes is a memorable experience.

Even if you are a non climber you have plenty of fun treks, bikes and hikes so that you also can feel the excitement of an adventure. Though the climbing season is May-September you can visit La Cordillera Real anytime over the year.

Amboro National Park

The ecological masterpiece spreads on five hundred thousand hectors with three different ecosystems. The unique geographical Amboro National Park situated in the north-west side of the Santa Cruz de la sierra city. In the world there is nothing like three distinct environment; the Amazon basin, the northern Chaco and the Andes inhabitants more than 800 species of birds.

You can meet some giant sloths in the picturesque part Mataracu and many waterfalls containing crystal clear water. The Cajones del Ichilo River will offer traditional Canoe ride colorful fishes and even peaceful clear bottom kayak journey. The wild range of wild animals can be found in the Laguna Verde. You can even arrange a outing at the bank of the Surutu River.

The Caves and dinosaur fossils will grab your attention while walking through the “Dinosaurios” path. The parks has many exotic places where horseback riding may gives you the biological, geographic and cultural designation of this mesmerizing place.

Wrapping Up:

We tried to present the most unique and important places of Bolivia tourism in terms of the first hand experience of the travelers. The country has much to offer but you need to know how to grab the offers and when. Most of us always think about the overall costing of the visit but if you plan for Bolivia then costing tension will decrease.

All the tourist attractions in Bolivia from La Paz to Amboro National Park has stunning mountains, colorful lagoons, rainforests, dinosaurs fossils and salt hotel. Bolivia is such a place where the trip will be always amazing and adventurous.