Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Senegal

Are you a Traveler, Nature Lover, Bird Admirer, Boat Rider? Looking for top visited tourist attractions in Senegal? Whatever you are the mesmerizing beauty of Senegal will definitely take your breath away. The African small country has countless places to spend hours, days, and months without agony and mechanical life.

If you visit Senegal for once then it is definite that it will call you again and again in her arm. So if you are planning to have some fun or mental peace then tourist attractions in Senegal are the best options for you at this moment.

Senegal tourism is full of cultural value, historical significance natural and built beauty, it can eradicate the monotony of robotic society a person bear in his shoulder. So, to visit Senegal, stay with us to the end to know some finest places to visit of Senegal tourism.

10 best places to visit in Senegal:

Fresh foods, cultural insights, affordable rates, and amiable local people could be the reason you cannot resist the chance to visit the tourist attractions in Senegal. We are going to introduce the 10 never miss places to visit while roaming in Senegal.


Dakar, Senegal. Photo Credit: Shrinidhi Takle

Demure Senegal reigns with her capital city Dakar has an exotic attraction that can seriously outgrow a tourist from anywhere of the world.

The westernmost city among African islands is situated near the coastal Cap-Vert peninsula with eastward sprawls and lively markets. For fish and trader ships this place is just like a never-ending fair.

The city grasps multiculturalism and boosts energy that can vibrate any heart that hunkers after peace and simplicity. Though size and population it is the biggest city in Senegal and also a great destination for tourists.

Among the tourist attractions in Senegal Dakar is decorated with the Museum of African Arts, Goree Island of the Dutch slave trade, African embroidery bazaars to quench the hunger of an adventurer. And, don’t forget to visit the wild Sandaga Market to taste the roasted peanuts with raucous beer.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an adventure-filled exploration of the city, there are plenty of things to do in Dakar.

Goree Island

Goree Island Senegal. Photo Credit: mariusz kluzniak

The horrified past of Senegal now become one of the famous tourist attractions in Senegal situated in Goree Island. Just opposite the capital Dakar near the cost prominent slave trading center built by the Dutch turned into a museum.

The history of this weeping island tells the story of the slaves and the dark period of the human civilization. History lovers can feel the spiritual connections by stepping on the soil that bears the bloodshed of the slaves back in the 15th century.

Along with the House of Slaves Senegal tourist platform, Goree Island is the location for The Henriette Bathily Women’s Museum which reflects the contribution of women in African society.

The effervescent history and costal food will work as medicine on your infected life and create a sense of freedom you always wanted.

Pink Lake

Senegal Pink Lake. Photo Credit: mariusz kluzniak

Who doesn’t love a pink colored place with full of water? The Retba Lake is situated 30 miles away from the capital on the north-east side known originally as the Pink Lake in Senegal. The maximum 40% salt attracts the Dunaliella salina bacteria to absorb sunlight they produce the red-purple pigment.

This unique process has a scientific description but not to worry you don’t have to solve any math to enjoy this scenic beauty instead of a heart full of pink colored happiness.

Don’t miss the mellifluous color just because you have to drive for one hour from the capital to the north because of the reflection worth the time and price.

Senegal River

Senegal River. Photo credit: Giulio

Just imagine a wide majestic river with colorful boats and lively fish market on the bank. How does it feel? Awesome right? Then, this stunning imagination can be turned into reality by visiting the Senegal tourist hub the Senegal River.

The 1700 km water area helps the Sahel Desert to turn into a fertile land and the excitement of the incredible marine life. The quintessential things are the dams and the historical significance makes this river more exquisite.

This river bears the symbol of the traditional Senegalese lifestyle that flows through the generations in the blood of the Senegal people. So, make sure when you go Senegal doesn’t overlook this impressive allocating place to gather some lifelong sweet memories.

Petite Cote

Beach is the place where anyone can burn and wash away all the agonies of life under the Sun and in the Sea. Petite Cote is more than 150 km of the coastal region with exquisite golden sand and opulent Atlantic water.

It is the place for the peace seekers where the roar of the Atlantic sea water will bring the melancholy in you. Just take a chair to flatten your body and lost in the tranquil world of fate where you always wanted to be.

Some opulent hotels and the spellbinding tourist oriented towns are located just near the Petite Cote beach known as Saly Portugal and Mbour. Even there is a golf course to entertain you with green exotic natural surroundings.

Cap Skirring

Cap Skirring Senegal. Photo credit: Edward Hyde

If you are looking for a place with all kinds of advanced features and facilities that can meet your needs along with nature’s blessings then, yes you have good news. Cap Skirring is the place where you can find exactly what you love.

The Basse Casamance region upholds the small town Cap Skirring on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the finest tourist destinations in Senegal. The place decorates itself with an airport, golf course, and seaside resort all in one.

The fisherman occupied town is now has become a European town due to huge tourist turnover every year. They come to enjoy the enchanting coastal beauty of Senegal and to have a wonderful time with friends and family.

What are you waiting for? Just put this name on your bucket list and grab your bag to witness the white sand and palm trees with open wide eyes.


Casamance. Photo credit: jbdodane

Wildlife fascination can be put out just with one visit to the southeastern part of Senegal on the bank of the Casamance River the region named Casamance. The biggest city of this amazing area is Ziguinchor which is famous for “Office de Tourisme de Casamance” and “Les Paletuviers Boutique Hotel”.

The area is full of vegetation and wildlife animals that can both give you pleasure and thrill. If you plan to visit Casamance then make sure you have an extra day on your hand to add the fantastic experience with the adorable dolphins.

The famous Jola community is the majority of the population of this area and is unexpectedly amiable and friendly that will definitely make you feel comfortable. You can also take the chance of fishing, snorkeling, and many exciting activities of the tourist attractions in Senegal.

Lompoul Desert

Have you ever been to a desert consist of orange sand?  Did you ever attend any African music festival? Whether your answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ you are welcome to explore the orange sand desert to have the experience that you will never forget.

Lompoul desert always stays in the top list of Senegal tourist attractions because of the marvelous vistas and camel riding. You will be amazed by the beauty and opulent style of the sand dune buggies in the middle of the desert.

The music Festival takes place during the vacation period of African countries known as the ‘Festival du Sahel’ which exaggerates the culture of Senegal people. Hurry up the next festival is knocking at your door to entertain you with a warm embrace.

Saloum Delta National Park

Saloum Delta – Senegal. Photo credit: michael_jeddah

Missing the Saloum Delta National Park during your Senegal tour is a great sin according to the travel God. Just kidding! The western part of the Senegal is blessed with over 76,000 hectares of land area “the Saloum Delta National Park” could be the only reason to visit Senegal.

Surprised? Yah there are lots of eye-catching and breathe taking things that can bring you the inner peace you were looking for. Numerous small lagoons and a wide variety of birds along with mangrove forests makes this place as a perfect example of biodiversity.

You will be amazed by the heaven like green scenarios of the islands on the traditional boats named ‘Pirogue’ and this park is also in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

Pelican colony with chicks. Photo credit: Beth

The effervescent clamor of the birds can fill your heart with joy and can help you to fly in the sky of sweet imagination with the birds. Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary is the place where many unique species of birds can be discovered.

If you are a birder then you have the chance to witness about three million fabulous birds migrated from the European region during November to April. The Senegal tourism industry greatly depends on the tourists within this time.

More than 30 species of birds made this destination extremely popular among the Senegal tourists. The permanent source of water attracts the birds like super pelican and rare pink flamingo every year to quench the thirst of the bird lovers from all over the world.

Wrapping Up:

For some tourists, it may be a little daunting endeavor to travel to an undeveloped country but the energy, culture, history, and people are the things that will eradicate the doubt inside you. Tourist attractions in Senegal are really affordable and safe as well. So, next time when you plan to roam in the world of beauty and multiculturalism don’t forget about the Senegal tourist attractions. I am pretty sure that you will have an incredible experience and some memorable stories to tell.